How To Prevent Motion Sickness In Pet's When Traveling

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?If you are taking your pet home for the first time, there are things to consider to help make them more comfortable while in the car. Within the first few days of being home, you should take them for the first time somewhere fun. That could be a park, a beach or somewhere where you can take them for a walk around the block. If your first trip is to the veterinarian, this could cause anxiety in your pet whenever you want to travel. While in the car, don't speak loudly or blast the stereo. Pack items for easy clean-up in case of accidents, and pack blankets and toys to make them comfortable.

A lot of dogs get car sick or motion sick. You can ask your veterinarian for anti-nausea medications to administer before your trip. Always bring your pet's usual dog food. If you bring new treats or switch their food, it can cause an upset stomach. You also should not feed your dog right before you plan to leave. Motion sickness and a full stomach are a terrible combination.
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