Great Tips on How to Increase Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is always a top most concern in the mind of a car owner. After all, your gasoline purchases can be one of the largest expenditures in your monthly budget. What if you could lower the amount that you spend on gas each month? Here are a few tips for getting better gas mileage out of your vehicle no matter what you drive or how old it is.

One great way to increase your fuel economy is to help your friends do the same thing. Start a ride share. Establish among your coworkers who is the most central to all of you and then everyone meets at that house every morning. Park all of the vehicles except one, which changes daily, and then you only have to drive one car, everyone gets to save a portion of their daily commute fuel four out of five days a week by taking turns. Another important factor is to bring your car into the dealership and let the service department team give its full inspection. A tune up, oil change, tire service, and brake job can increase your fuel economy by as much as ten percent. We would be happy to share other ways that you can save gas and save money with you, come in and see us today.
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